Superhero In Me

Check out this amazing curriculum from The Kindness Project!

Superhero In Me was designed to aid teachers in creating a platform for pro-social/positive behaviour with their classroom in a simple, yet long-term way. Learn how to utilize a simple, proactive platform for changing classroom culture and empower kids to make a difference!

Superhero In Me


Features:Free Samples of Curriculum:
Fast-paced, active learning
Addresses bullying and poor classroom dynamics from a proactive standpoint. (Consistent with PBIS Mandate)
Builds critical thinking skills through Socratic teaching methods
Nurtures pro-social behaviour and provides natural context for positive behaviour interventions
Supported by scientific research showing emotional, mental and physical benefits to students
Empowers kids to use kindness as a tool of impact and change
Facilitates collaboration among students
Training resources provided
Superhero Handbook provides teachers with a simple resource for ongoing reinforcement
Superhero In Me Facilitator Sample
Superhero In Me Facilitator Sample

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