Superhero In Me Training

Superhero In Me was designed to aid teachers in creating a platform for pro-social/positive behaviour with their classroom in a simple, yet long-term way. By empowering students to understand the significance they have in making things better, and equipping them with tools with which to guard and nurture their own mental health as well as contribute to the well-being of those around them, teachers can create a healthy classroom dynamic right from the start. Superhero In Me training provides clear instruction on how the program works, insight on the significance of the Grade 3-5 age-group and the long-term application and nurturing of superhero culture within the classroom.

    Workshop Outlines
    Workshop #1: Kindness As A Strategy

    Kindness impact personally, environmentally and culturally
    Kindness as a catalyst for change and growth
    Kindness as a key to building confidence and self esteem through contribution

    Workshop #2: Workshop Tools

    Tools and strategies written into workshops
    Understanding how to build and change classroom culture
    Mental health strategies
    Techniques for managing healthy class dynamic
    What will the evening look like?

    7 – 8 pm – Workshop #1
    8 – 8:10 pm – Break
    8:10 – 9 pm – Workshop #2
    What's Included in my Registration Fee?
    Fee Includes:

    Facilitator Training Manual which includes all workshop scripts & resources
    Media DVD with Captain Kindness videos
    Sample Student Handbook
    2 hours of training by author
    Ongoing support

Free Samples of Curriculum:

Superhero In Me Facilitator Sample
Superhero In Me Facilitator Sample